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Food waste in the MENA region… is not only about « food »

« Food and Effort Gone to Waste »

« I realized that in the modern food system each bite of a snack, each spoon from a muesli bowl, or even each ingredient in the most traditional tagine is much more than just simply ‘food.’ »

In this article published in the political analysis magazine Perspective MENA, Mamoun Ghallab offers us a closer look to what « food waste » really means in the MENA region.

We all know that food waste in the region and globally represents about 30% of the food produced for human consumption. But what does that means in a region where agriculture depends on scarce ressources, where households dedicate a high share of their income to buying food and where food supply is highly dependent on importations ?

Perspectives MENA is a magazine published by Heinrich Böll Foundation – the international foundation of the german green party « Die Grünen ».

Here is the link to the article : Food and effort gone to waste – by Mamoun Ghallab – Perspectives – Oct 2017

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